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Student enrolment and VISA arrangement for Universities, Colleges and Schools

DTA Aus Education focuses on guiding students to find their own education pathway in Australia. We provide each student expert, customized and transparent assistance in selecting the best suited University/TAFE College, and academic programme from the best education institutes in the country. Our services include consultation and guidance during the enrollment and visa processes to obtain admittance to onshore Universities / TAFE Colleges in Australia. We consistently ensure comprehensive, accurate and efficient services to meet expectations of students.
Our services include arranging accommodation, airport pickup, transportation, car rental assistance, opening bank accounts and assistance with tax accounts.

Access to legal services

Our legal partners - Vicbourne Lawyers provide comprehensive and proficient legal advice and services during the visa process to facilitate visa requirements from student visa to post-study visa.

Travel & Health Insurances

We offer personalized services to obtain air tickets at competitive rates as well as travel and health insurance.


Access to employment opportunities

Our robust rapport with a network of organizations and recruitment agencies enable us to help students find employment. We provide assistance in preparing resumes and CVs to meet Australian standards, and offer guidance throughout the application and interview process to ensure success.

Facilitating career pathways

Our services extend beyond securing your first job. We provide informed guidance on developing career paths to ensure long-term success, and help you reach eligibility to obtain permanent residency in Australia. DTA Aus Education remains steadfastly committed to helping you from securing your first employment opportunity to building you first house

Facilitate to get the memberships of Australian leading institutions and Associations

Obtaining membership of leading Institutions and Associations in Australia is integral to establishing a strong career path, and reaching life goals such as permanent residency. We are well-equipped with experience and insights into helping you to obtain membership of the necessary and important institutions and associations in line with your career goals and capabilities.


Conducting IELTS Course

English For Migration - Adults

We conduct English language learning classes for adult migrants and refugees to help each individual achieve proficiency in the use of English language. Our English classes focus on helping students improve their communication skills in English, learn effective communication skills in different cultural situations, and assimilate to the workforce with ease.

Tutoring For VCE Students

We employ qualified (Victoria) teaching experts to provide personalized guidance to students in learning VCE content. Our teaching experts excel at helping students follow the VIC curriculum that schools in and around Melbourne teach. In addition to providing ample learning material, we use a personalized approach designed to assess individual capabilities and needs for a holistic outcome.

Travel & other Insurances**

Undertake and provide all the insurances what necessary during stay in Australia

Arranging travel insurance

We facilitate every student to get the appropriate insurance

Arranging finance facilities for education and other needs**

Facilitating to obtain finance facilities for their education

Facilitate comfort zone for students with accommodation, transportation, tutoring**

Provide facilities for new students with airport pick up, accommodation, transport facility arrangement and tutoring for some subjects

Tutoring for school and university students**

Subject of business management, statistics, irrigation and designing are tutored for school students and university students as per necessity


Limited spots are available.


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