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IELTS Intermediate Course – Duration: 8 Weeks


The IELTS Intermediate Course that is offered in DTA Aus Education is designed for students who have an intermediate or above level of English language fluency, and also for those that are planning on taking the IELTS test in the near future. This course will prepare you for all 4 sections of the exam and give you extensive practice in each part.

Moreover, this Intermediate Course suits learners who need to improve their vocabulary skills and those that require more confidence in understanding the requirements of the IELTS test modules.


  • It helps you better understand the test and how it is graded
  • Introduces you to techniques that will enable you to maximize your IELTS score.IELTS courses are taught by trained professionals with comprehensive understanding of the IELTS exam.

What is the focus of the eight-week IELTS Intermediate Course?

To bring up your level of English proficiency.

It focuses on all aspects of the exam; however, there will be special attention paid to the areas that you need the most help with.

The course will focus on either the Academic or General Module depending on your needs.

It develops your understanding of informal and academic vocabulary and how it relates to the IELTS exam

Is there a placement test?

At the beginning of your course, you will be thoroughly tested in all areas (even if you have already received a recent IELTS score). The main aim this exam is to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that our professionals can help you to design a study plan that suits you best.

Where and when can I do the course?

Our classes are delivered in Clyde North. A small group consists of 3 to 6 participants per groups.

Classes are held at the following times:

Our Class groups run from 5pm on wards on weeks days

Saturdays – 10am onwards.


Firstly, IELTS Intermediate Course will introduce you to two of the essential essay types which will include looking at two themes commonly found in the IELTS exam. Then you will also be introduced to all types of graphs or letters depending on which module you are taking. After that, you will learn how to use high-level academic vocabulary that relates to the theme and is known to impress examiners.


Not only that but also you will learn how to outline an IELTS essay quickly and effectively and how to interpret and correctly answer an IELTS essay question. Finally, you will learn how to write effective introductions and conclusions.

In terms of speaking, you will be taught specific tips to help you fully answer the questions and maximize your score. Furthermore, the techniques that you will learn will help you to face a wide variety of question types based on a vast area of different types of topics.

Finally, you will be taken through the three parts of the speaking test and assessed by one of your instructors.

Here we will take you through the most common reading question types and how best to answer these questions. Also, you will learn how to improve your reading speed so that you are able to complete the test and thus maximize your score.


Finally, you will be given a wide variety of practice opportunities so that you can demonstrate the skills you have learnt.

At this course we will point you in the right direction to help you develop your listening skills by providing listening materials, tips, and feedback.


To really improve your chances of succeeding in IELTS, we will also introduce you to a variety of study techniques. These include the importance of setting goals, how to detect errors and fix them, working out the meanings of unknown words, preparing for test just to name a few.

IELTS Intermediate course provided by DTA Aus Education also includes the opportunity to take full tests under exam conditions and get feedback from trained professionals. The aim of these tests is get you fully prepared and confident to take the real test.

When would you like to start?


Limited spots are available.


+61 411 297 927

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